Warren Black

Principal, Complexus Throughout his career, Warren has accrued deep expertise in managing risks within complex operating & delivery environments. Warren has held Senior Advisory roles at both Deloitte and Marsh Risk Consulting and is also arguably one of only a handful a Risk Professionals who has built a full ‘end-to-end’ risk management framework for an organisation of over $25 billion (BG QCLNG). Also, as a demonstration of his commitment to his art, Warren is currently engaged in PhD Research whereby he is investigating how the accepted principles of the “complexity sciences” and "complex systems thinking" might provide more effective risk management solutions for environments which are highly complex, dynamic & uncertain. In this regard, Warren is of the belief that the broader complexity sciences provide a new lens upon which to help risk management transition into the future.

About this speaker

Warren is an Engineer, Risk Professional and Complex Systems’ Thinker, who has a particular interest in understanding how the rapidly emerging forces of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will shape the future of risk management.

As part of ongoing PhD research, Warren is investigating which risk management capabilities modern organisations will need to plan for, upskill and invest in - if they are to meet the complex-disruptive challenges of a future working world fully dependent on Big Data, Smart Technologies and Complex Cyber Systems.

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Risk Management v4.0! …how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to shape the future Risk Management Discipline

Warren Black