John Hollmann

Owner, Validation Estimating LLC John Hollmann is author of the book “Project Risk Quantification” (hardcopy via www.decisions-books.com or on Kindle via Amazon). John, owner of Validation Estimating, LLC (VE), works with capital program managers and project leaders to improve their cost engineering practices, including cost/schedule risk quantification in support of investment decision making. John regularly reviews major international estimates in many industries and conducts risk analyses in support of investment decision making and contingency setting. Mr. Hollmann is a frequent speaker at international conferences, has written many papers and was lead author of the AACE® International text; the Total Cost Management (TCM) Framework. John is an Honorary Life Member of AACE® and recipient of their Award of Merit and Lifetime Achievement Awards. He also led development of the AACE® Decision and Risk Management Professional (DRMP) certification. Prior to founding VE, Mr. Hollmann led the Cost Engineering Committee metrics and research efforts at Independent Project Analysis, Inc. John is a registered Professional Engineer with an MBA, a Certified Cost Professional, a Certified Estimating Professional and Decision and Risk Management Professional.

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Helping owner companies improve their cost engineering competencies and capabilities. This includes the following key areas of consulting in the process industries (e.g., oil, gas, chemicals, mining, metals, utilities, pharms, etc.): 1) Evaluate owner processes, organization, tools and practices for Cost Engineering related functionality (e.g., estimating, planning & scheduling, cost/schedule control, decision and risk analysis, cost and schedule historical database and metrics development, etc.) 2) Assist owners in implementing practice improvements in the areas listed above 3) Validate and review major project estimates 4) Perform risk analyses, contingency and escalation estimates 5) Develop and conduct training in the above

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Project Risk Quantification: Methods that Work

John Hollmann