Learn from some of the best risk management and decision making experts in the world. Each presentation is specifically tailored to appeal to both risk managers and decision makers alike.

Warren Black

Principal, Complexus

Prof. Diana Derval

Chair and Research Director, DervalResearch

John Hollmann

Owner, Validation Estimating LLC

Tara Kenyon

Founder & CEO, Kentara Analytics

Norman Marks

Norman Marks, Author, thought leader, retired CAE and CRO

Grant Purdy

Sam Savage

Executive Director, ProbabilityManagement.org

Ariane Chapelle

Founder, Chapelle Consulting

Alex Dali

President, G31000 Institute

Jack Jones

Chairman, The FAIR Institute

David Vose

Director, Vose Software

Frank Ashe

Founder, Quantitative Strategies

Robert Brown III

Sr Strategic Analyst supporting the Global Automotive group, Novelis

Gareth Byatt

Principal Consultant and IRM APAC Global Ambassador, Risk Insight Consulting

Ben Cattaneo

Producer, All Things Risk Podcast

Thomas Chesnutt

Owner, A & N Technical Services

Shaun Doheney

Chief Analytics Officer, JDSAT Operations Research & Big Data Sciences

Konstantin Dozhdikov

Head of Risk Management and Internal Control RUSNANO, co-founder of ISAR, RUSNANO

Jacinthe Galpin

Creator, Author and Producer, Risktory Podcast

Duncan Harwood

Managing Director, 2020 Risk Management

Patrick Healy

Principal, Merlance Consulting

Christian Hunt

Founder, Human Risk Limited

Graeme Keith

Owner & CEO, Stochastic ApS

Benoit Ladouceur

Senior Adviser, Enterprise risk management, VIA Rail Canada

Hans Læssøe

Founder, AKTUS

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