Fast & Furious Quantitative Risk Analysis subtitle: Done in 60 seconds

Cyber security risk management professionals have been told by "best practices," standards, certifications, and books that quantitative risk analysis is next to impossible because we don't have sufficient data. What we haven't been told is what quantitative risk analysis actually is and how it works.

In this web session, we will help management decide on a cyber-related concern. We will do a typical qualitative risk analysis using a heat map, then a quick and dirty quantitative risk analysis of the same scenario. We will show that a quantitative risk analysis does not have to be more difficult, nor does it require more data.

Eventually, we will discuss a few points on how to make the analysis even better using the Open FAIR framework without requiring significantly more data or effort.

About The Speakers

Osama Salah

Osama Salah

IT Security Specialist, Abu Dhabi Department of Finance

Experienced Information Security, Governance, Planning and Operations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in Information Security Management, Risk Management, Quantitative Risk Management, ISO 27001, UAE IA, IT Service Management and IT Strategy.