What's wrong with risk management today?

Particularly in today’s complex and dynamic world, being able to effectively balance risk and reward is crucial to an organization’s long term success. This is particularly true given the inevitability of limited resources. Unfortunately, the risk management dimension of the business landscape is buried in noise due to a host of fundamental problems. This noise prevents organizations from reliably recognizing and managing their most significant risks, which in turn inhibits the ability to strike the right balance. In this session, Jack will discuss these fundamental challenges and how a framework like FAIR can help cut through the noise.

About The Speakers

Jack Jones

Jack Jones

Chairman, The FAIR Institute

Widely considered a thought leader in risk management and information security, Jack has been employed in technology for over thirty five years; specializing in information security and risk management for thirty of those years. During this time he has garnered a decade of experience as a CISO, including five years for a Fortune 100 financial services company. His work has also been recognized by his peers and the industry, earning him the 2006 ISSA Excellence in the Field of Security Practices award, and the 2012 CSO Compass Award for Leadership in Risk Management.