David Vose

Director, Vose Software One of the most recognized names in risk analysis, David has been involved in quantitative risk analysis for over thirty years, working as risk analyst, adviser or expert witness in fields as diverse as insurance claim disputes and food contamination, wind turbine operations and diamond mining, nuclear power station decommissioning and banking OpRisk. He is the author of three risk modelling textbooks, over twenty peer-reviewed papers, and has authored or edited guidelines for several international bodies. He has developed and popularized many of the risk modelling techniques that are in current use.

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David sees risk analysis as a decision-support tool, nothing more or less. He advocates risk management be seen as making good decisions that are supported by good risk analysis, not producing quarterly risk management reports.

David is an outspoken critic of qualitative methods in risk management. His often-humorous LinkedIn and blog articles use compelling arguments (and more than a little cynicism) to cajole risk managers away from their heat maps. If his workshop is as funny as his articles, it should be a great session.

David’s company has developed highly regarded risk analysis and risk management software tools including ModelRisk, Tamara and Pelican.

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David Vose