Deviations, Concentrations, Connections: Hints and Tips to draw insight from your risk data

Standard risk reporting are often thick, descriptive, too rarely insightful or inspiring. In this session, Dr. Chapelle (University College London and offers some simple tweaks to apply to risk reporting – and KRIs reporting – to make it more informative and insightful, attracting attention and driving better decisions. Information lies in deviations and concentrations; make sure you know where they are. Risks and interconnected, make sure you prioritise your actions accordingly.

About The Speakers

Ariane Chapelle

Ariane Chapelle

Founder, Chapelle Consulting

Ariane Chapelle, PhD, is an internationally recognised trainer and consultant in Operational Risk. Dr. Chapelle, is Honorary Reader at University College London for the course 'Operational Risk Measurement for Financial Institutions’ and is a Fellow of the Institute of Operational Risk. In 2018, she designed for PRMIA (the Professional Risk Managers' International Association), a Certificate of Learning and Practice in Advanced Operational Risk Management, that she delivers globally, including for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.