Turning risk into value — literally

The value of a project, investment, company, etc. is critical for making good business decisions, yet all too often we rely on kind of “esoteric” methods for valuation. In this talk, Torsten will describe a logical, systematic—and very practical—approach to put a risk-adjusted value to any kind of project, investment, etc. using simple Monte Carlo simulation. He will demonstrate how easy it is to get rid of the guesswork of arbitrary “risk premium” and use the risk information you already have in your model.

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About The Speakers

Torsten Röhner

Torsten Röhner

Founder, syconomic

I build financial planning and risk analysis models, and developed the syconomic Financial Modeling Framework—syFMF. I have more than 15 years of experience in financial modeling, corporate planning, probabilistic risk modeling and analysis, and corporate decision-making.