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Neurosciences, Leadership Styles, and Risk Management

A workshop by Prof. Diana Derval
Chair and Research Director, DervalResearch

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Topics covered by this workshop

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About this workshop

Current research confirms the influence of prenatal hormones on risk aversion. In this session Prof. Derval will apply the latest findings in neurosciences to risk management and study the link between decision makers' aversion to risk, their leadership style, and the way they innovate.

Free book chapter on Neurosciences

Free chapter from the book “Hormones, Talent, and Career: Unlock your Hormonal Quotient” by Diana Derval and Johan Bremer (Springer 2012)

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Prof. Diana Derval

Researcher in Biomarkers, Harvard Business Review Contributor, and co-author of “Hormones, Talent, and Career”

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