Strategic Risk Management - increasing the chances of succeeding in your strategy

Research has shown that, unfortunately, corporate strategies are more likely to fail than succeed and those strategies that include a large technology component (such as ‘digital transformation’) are even less likely to succeed.

Contrary to claims by consultants and academics, Strategy is hard, strategy is risky, and because change is ever-present, strategy is inevitable, and ceaseless – strategy is not a Destination it is a Springboard.

Perhaps the most difficult decision any board has to make is to choose a Strategic Position, or where the firm should be in 5-10 years. Such a decision is fraught with a multitude of risks and failure to manage those risks will doom any strategy to failure.

Dr. McConnell’s presentation describes some of the concepts, tools and steps that MUST be taken to improve a board’s decision on selecting an achievable, viable and sustainable Strategic Position.

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30% discount on amazing strategic risk and technology management by Patrick McConnell. Strategy is hard. Risk Management is hard. Putting the two together creates a ‘wicked’ combination, the size and complexity of which will tax even the best of minds. To succeed, a smart Board will consider the problem of how to develop and then execute a meaningful strategy in advance of when they need to. Strategic Risk Management is aimed to help Boards to stop and think before they leap, in the hope they will be more likely to succeed when they do decide to make major strategic decisions. Discount code: RAW2019


About The Speakers

Patrick McConnell

Dr. Patrick McConnell

Author, consultant, lecturer, Patrick McConnell

Almost 30 years as a manager, consultant, and academic with an extensive knowledge of the application of Information Technology to global financial markets. Worked with board and senior level management of large international financial institutions to develop strategies for applying IT to their expanding businesses and with all levels of operational management to deliver business change. Published author, speaker and chairman conference on Risk Management and IT issues.