Do you know what you're doing?

Most of the time we make decisions on autopilot - conscious thinking is hard to do, and our brain turns it off quickly unless we make an effort. Kahneman discussed this in his book "Thinking Fast and Slow".

I'll highlight the huge, surprising implications this has for Risk Management (RM1 or RM2 or whatever). After this you'll see why RM is a never ending job that will have inevitable failures - and why we must plan for these.

About The Speakers

Frank Ashe

Frank Ashe

Founder, Quantitative Strategies

I'm a Board Director (NED), and have a consulting and capability building practice, specialising in risk governance, behavioural finance, risk management, and investments. I cover the gamut from culture and behavioural psychology, to corporate strategy, to technical matters in derivative risk, to asset-liability management, to comparative corporate governance, and on.