Risk management lessons from real world risk takers

Ben hosts and produces a regular podcast called All Things Risk (www.allthingsrisk.co.uk) in which he has long-form conversations with interesting guests - the objective of which is to make risk and uncertainty understandable and accessible to anyone. We all make decisions under uncertainty - both in business and life - and we should embrace that. Listen to Ben share some of the valuable risk management lessons he learned from some of the best athletes, mountain climbers, poker champions and CIA operatives.

About The Speakers

Ben Cattaneo

Ben Cattaneo

Producer, All Things Risk Podcast

Ben is a long-time risk professional, strategist and forever student of uncertainty. He produces and hosts the highly-acclaimed All Things Risk podcast - the first podcast that examines and uncovers lessons about risk and uncertainty from fascinating people that represent a wide range of domains - athletics, entrepreneurship, current affairs, culture, and much more.