Struggling to migrate your focus from control to performance activities… choose your own path…

Most professional risk managers are still trapped in control activities, struggling to switch their focus to performance. Instead of taking a radical giant step from RM1 to RM2 there is a way for each of us to progressively evolve our function. This can vary a lot, depending on your type of industry, where your company is in its life-cycle and the way your risk management functions is setup.

During this session, we will explore a few tactics using practical examples:

How to transform the burden of risk management for external stakeholders into value for your management How your risk universe can be use very effectively for Projects management or strategic initiatives How to select and remove unnecessary or overlapping activities How to involve the specialists and risk owners so they themselves move the cursor to performance Move to automation, triggers and real-time risk management.

About The Speakers

Didier Odorico

Didier Odorico

Director, Risk Management, Tetra Pak

Didier Odorico has been leading the Enterprise Risk Management Process at Tetra Pak since 2008. He has also been a key contributor to the development of the Corporate Governance Framework, including Policy management, Internal control and Assurance activities across all risk areas. Since 2014, he has led a project to merge all these disciplines into a single combined process using the recent developments in GRC technology to enable it. The success of this initiative comes from a single simple idea that any activity in this area should bring value to the operational management and help them make brave and fast decisions. The needs from the other stakeholders is treated as a by-product, the robustness of the underlying process providing a high level of transparency and assurance.