Ben Pickup

Independent consultant, BJP Consultancy Over my 25+ year career, I’ve held consulting, strategy and management roles across various disciplines, business functions, industries and jurisdictions. My successes to date are the result of my deep understanding of behaviour, risk and compliance, with a reputation for problem-solving and a proven track record of developing innovative, commercial and effective solutions for my clients.

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Ben's strength as a risk and compliance professional is neither his talent for synthesising information nor his capacity to identify and address issues with startling clarity. Neither is it his unwavering commitment to fairness and ethical conduct. Rather it is his ability to balance his insights with empathy. Ben understands what few compliance people ever really appreciate; that most of the compliance issues with which we deal are, fundamentally, people issues that need to be met, not with judgement and condemnation but, with understanding, education and imagination.

Sean Graham – Executive Director | Assured Support

Ben is a deep thinker with integrity and social conscience. Ben possesses well developed risk and compliance capabilities and was an early adopter with regard to how culture and conduct interplay in managing risk in financial services firms. This is a focus he continues to develop. Reliability, effective stakeholder engagement and being prepared to take the initiative are characteristics that I value and have benefited from when working with Ben. Should Ben be in Australia I would be actively pursuing him to play a role as the market and standards in the 'wealth industry' are evolving at speed and his expertise would greatly assist in navigating through this change.

Grant Potter – Head of Capability & Conduct | BT Financial Group

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Corporate misconduct has its origins in poor risk management practices

Ben Pickup