Joep Steffes

Decision & Risk Specialist, Steffes Management & Consultancy Experienced in Decision Process Facilitation, Project Management, Business Case Modelling, Decision Analysis & Multi Criteria Analysis, Behavioral Decision Making and Debiasing Strategies.

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Joep Steffes is an independent decision professional helping individuals and organizations making better decisions. He has a master degree in Business Administration from Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, a professional certificate from Stanford University in Strategic Decision and Risk Management and will complete in January 2020 his PHD-research on Debiasing Strategic Decision Making at Nyenrode Business University.   His area of expertise is decision making under risk and uncertainty, risk management, program- and project-management, decision science, behavioural decision making and improving decision quality at an individual and organizational level.    He is a decision consultant with more than 20 years of experience. He trained and consulted numerous profit and non-profit organisations including Össur, DSM, The Red Cross, Swisscom, Nationale Nederlanden, ABN AMRO, a.s.r. and various Dutch ministries and large municipals on corporate management problems, public policy and various decisions with high impact and complexity.

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The risk of making strategic decisions wrong

Joep Steffes