The risk of making strategic decisions wrong

Why should risk and uncertainty be on a decision-makers mind? With more than 50% failure rate in decision making, the risk of making strategic decisions wrong are enormous and can be traced back to a flawed decision-making process, unclear roles and responsibilities, wrong content including missing risk and uncertainties, missing out on alternatives and biased thinking corrupting the decision-making process. Besides assigning clear roles and responsibilities and the use of a Decision Canvas, various debiasing techniques can mitigate the risk to an acceptable level where a decision is made right, the first time.


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About The Speakers

Joep Steffes

Joep Steffes

Decision & Risk Specialist, Steffes Management & Consultancy

Experienced in Decision Process Facilitation, Project Management, Business Case Modelling, Decision Analysis & Multi Criteria Analysis, Behavioral Decision Making and Debiasing Strategies.