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Konstantin Dozhdikov

Konstantin Dozhdikov

More than 18 years of expertise in corporate finance, risk management, business valuation, strategic planning, business-planning, financial modeling, business analytics, project management. Industry experience: aviation, transportation, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas, utility, telecommunications, energy, nuclear energy, development, PE/VC etc. Konstantin is an author of scoring and quantitative risk assessment methodology in PE/VC industry for portfolio modeling and investment decision making. Co-author of unique methodology for modeling and assessing risks of intellectual property based on simulation modelling. Author of unique risk-management courses for High School of business, The Russian presidential academy of national economy and public administration and corporate universities of Russian companies (top Russian oil&gaz, transportation, aviation, manufacturing, IT, technological, investment companies and etc.) Author of financial modeling and quantitative risk assessment course based on Monte Carlo simulations. Co-founder of ISAR – training and consulting business on risk management and decision making. Co-author of Book for training program for certification ISO31000. Co-author of business game on risk management for manufacturing companies with quantitative risk assessment. Ph.D. degree «Risk management development for Russian companies. Based on Aeroflot-Russian airlines experience». Founder of start-up PLAN4U (financial modeling for SME).

Head of Risk Management and Internal Control RUSNANO, co-founder of ISAR

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Konstantin worked for Aeroflot, Ilyushin Finance, Volga Dnepr, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Inteko, Rusnano and managed projects in oil&gas, electric power, aviation engines production, aviatransport production, automotives, airlines, telco, investment funds.

Currently working at RUSNANO, Konstantin leads the risk management and internal control team at the largest private equity fund in Russia, specialising in hi-tech and nanotechnology investments. Konstantin is responsible for establishing enterprise risk management at the RUSNANO head office as well as across its ~100 portfolio companies and funds.

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