Learn from some of the best risk management and decision making experts in the world. Each presentation is specifically tailored to appeal to both risk managers and decision makers alike.

Chris Mandel

SVP & Director, Sedgwick Institute

Dr. Patrick McConnell

Author, consultant, lecturer, Patrick McConnell

Victor Naumov

Head of the Russia IP, IT and Telecommunications practice, Dentons

Didier Odorico

Director, Risk Management, Tetra Pak

Ben Pickup

Independent consultant, BJP Consultancy

Mark Powell

Consultant, Attwater Consulting

Brian Putt

Decision Quality Consultant, Putt DQ Consulting

Damir Ramazanov

Risk Management and Data Science Professional, ERG Group

Torsten Röhner

Founder, syconomic

Osama Salah

IT Security Specialist, Abu Dhabi Department of Finance

Alex Sidorenko

Chief Risk Officer, Institute for Strategic Risk Analysis

Joep Steffes

Decision & Risk Specialist, Steffes Management & Consultancy

Julian Talbot

Author, Speaker, Thinker, Peregrinator, JulianTalbot.com

Daniel Udochi

GM, Risk and Compliance, MTN

Bryan Whitefield

Speaker, Author, Mentor, Expert in Risk, Strategic Insights from Data and Influencing Executives

Hakan Yar

Chief Risk Officer, BC Partners

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